Tamarillo is a good source of Vitamin A & C. Since they have edible seeds they will also be a source of protein. One hundred grams of tamarillo fruit pulp has 2g of protein, 1.6g of fiber and about 50 calories.

The flesh of the tamarillo is tangy and variably sweet, with a bold and complex flavor. 


Tamarillos are ripe when they are soft. To remove the skin, just peel off with a knife, or alternatively slice in half and eat with a spoon. When lightly sugared and cooled the flesh of the tamarillo makes a refreshing snack.

In Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and parts of Indonesia, fresh tamarillos are frequently blended together with water and sugar to make juice. Since tamarillo juice is a great thirst quencher thanks to its tart taste, this is its most common use.

Health Benefits

Tamarillo provides health benefits against diabetes, neurological diseases, cancer and aging. Tamarillo helps cure migraines and promotes a healthy brain. Read More