Mango Tommy Atkins

Mango is the most eaten fruit in the world. 

Our mango is top quality. When ripe, the skin turns completely red, the flesh is exquisitely sweet and has a distinctive sweet smell.


The flesh, which is eaten raw, is highly sweet. The fruit can either be eaten by itself or paired with light meats like pork, chicken or shrimp, or added into a dessert. Mango is also a nice addition to fruit salads, veggie salads, juices and smoothies. Pureed mango tastes delicious in muffins and cookies. The mango is famous for processing into chutney.

Hold the mango lengthwise and cut the fruit on both sides, as closely as possible of the seed. From here, cut into cubic like parts or scoop out the two fleshy halves with a tablespoon. 

Health Benefits

Mango is high in antioxidants, lowers cholesterol,  clears the skin, promotes healthy eyesight, helps maintain the alkali reserve of the body, helps against diabetes and anemia, it is a great source of Vitamin E, improves digestion, prevents heat stroke and boosts the immune system.