This attractive fruit is a real storehouse of nutrients. 

The amount of vitamin C in a guava is 5 times higher than in a orange and 8 times higher than in a lemon. Guava is also rich in potassium and is a rich source of fiber. Guava contains fiber about 5.6g per 100 grams of flesh. 

The skin is green, depending on the type. The flesh can range from white to dark pink and contains small hard seeds. The flavour can be described as sweet and sour. Guavas have a pronounced fragrant aroma that increases as the fruit ripens.


Both flesh and skin are edible. Guavas can be eaten raw out-of-hand-for a snack, sliced for a fruit salad or prepared as a juice. 

Because of its high level of pectin, guavas are extensively used to make candies, preserves, jellies, jams, and marmalades.

 Health Benefits

Guavas are known as one of the "superfoods". Lowers risk of cancer and diabetes, promotes good eyesight, helps promote fertility, helps regulate blood pressure levels, promotes healthy thyroid gland, helps relax nerves and muscles, helps keep brain healthy and helps maintain healthy skin.

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