Baby Banana 

A normal banana is about 20 cm long. Baby bananas are from 7 to 9cm long and each bunch has from 4 to 6 fingers.

In general, they have a smoother, creamier interior; the texture is silkier, with less of that stiffness or stringiness of normal banana. They are sweeter, with a vanilla- almost floral scent. And they're of a perfect size: sometimes one banana is too much for a small snack.


Bananas are commonly eaten raw. Peel off the skin and eat out of hand. They can also be used in a great variety of dishes. They taste delicious in desserts and salads.

Because of its petite size and sweetness, the baby banana is loved by children. As a wholesome source of complex carbohydrates, it is a perfect addition to lunchboxes, providing a good energy boost for active kids. The baby banana, like all bananas, is loaded with nutrients.

Convenience and nutritional value of bananas make them a good post-exercise snack. During long exercises your body loses vitamins and minerals and a banana replaces these nutrients as well as giving you the energy you need.

Because of their great taste, they can also serve as a substitute for sweets and satisfy sugar cravings.

Health Benefits

Not only do they taste great any place and any time, but the health benefits of bananas are of astounding!

It is an excellent source of heart-healthy vitamin B6. In addition, the baby banana provides a good source of vitamin C, fiber, magnesium and potassium. The potassium found in bananas helps regulate blood pressure and may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.Thanks to their antacid effect, they protect against stomach ulcers and heartburn. 

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